Watch the movie "Ohne Skript" starring Philipp Klahn and Tobias Rahm. An introduction of two young researchers from Braunschweig (2016). 



Today the future star researcher Paul Benjamin Klahn was born. Dear Paul, welcome to this world!



Today Carina started to continue her work in our labs as a HiWi.



Today Rachel fineshed her internship in our labs and will return to Utah. Thanks for your work and all the best for your further studies!



Today a local group of the Deutsche Gesellschaft der Humboldtianer (DGH) e.V. was founded in Braunschweig. Please find a link toapress report on the event here.



Today Prof. Dr. Nuno Maulide from the University of Vienna gave an amazing talk at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Braunschweig, we had a nice dinner and a private concert by Nuno afterwards!


Today Rachel Payne, a student from the University of Utah, joined our team for a three month internship. She will work together with Dr. Okoh Adeyi Okoh on stimuli-responsive NIR-fluorescence dyes. Welcome Rachel, enjoy science with us!



Today nobel price laureate Prof. Ben Feringa gave an amazing talk at the Institut of Organic Chemistry in Braunschweig and we had a nice Dinner afterwards!


Today Robert Zscherp joined the lab to start his PhD studies on the synthesis of novel siderophors and siderophore-drug conjugates. Welcome and lots of success!



 For the Sound of Science - My X-Mas gift for the Team!


The KlahnLab wishes evryone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Today we had our early Chrismas/Jubi-Goodbye-Party at Philipps home. Good food, good wine, pool billiard and lots of fun! Prof. Hopf joined us for this Evening!


Cu soon Jubi!


Today Okoh Adeyi Okoh joined the team as a Senior PostDoc and DAAD fellow. He will work on novel conjugate linkers and NIR dyes for biological applications.



Today Prof. Dr. Jubi John from India joined our lab for a Research stay funded by the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation. Welcome!



Today Daniele had to leave our lab back to Italy due to personal reasons. We all hope you will be back soon and wish you all the best for the future.



Today Carina Glindemann joined the team to start the work on her Master Thesis. She will work on novel petide-drug conjugates against Gram-negative pathogens.



We gratefully acknowledge that PKs former mentor Mark Brönstrup commited us an Syro II Multisynthech Peptisynthesizer as a loan. The robot is already installed and first peptides are produced.



PK's new NPR review on: Bifunctional antimicrobial conjugates and hybrid antimicrobials is published and our new prepHPLC is installed today.



Today Daniele Rapisarda joined the lab to start his PhD studies on the synthesis of novel antmicrobial drug-conjugates. 



The lab is ready to work and the first projects have been started.



Lots of little old treasures were found during the cleaning and set up of the lab.... still ongoing!



The Klahn Lab's Homepage is online!



Today the independent Klahn Lab started. Lets get the Lab and Office ready to work!