Laboratories for Natural Product and Conjugation Chemistry

We provide chemical services, contract research and development in the field of natural product chemistry,  drug design and synthesis, bioconjugation chemistry, customized oligopeptide synthesis and surface immobilization of small and bio molecules.


Our services:

  • Semi-synthetic derivatization of natural products
  • Total synthesis of bioactive molecules
  • Development of Extracellular-targetd Drug Conjugates (EDCs)
  • Labeling of biomolecules (peptide, antibodies, natural products)
  • Chemical synthesis of drug candidate libraries (small molecules, peptides)
  • Synthesis of customized oligopeptides
  • Surface immobilization of small molecules or biomolecules (peptide, antibodies) for the development of biosensors and test kits
  • Structure analysis of natural compounds
  • Virtual screening of compounds based on co-crystal structures of drug-targets with hit compounds
  • Design of bio responsive systems for molecular drug or reporter release
  • Help with Staffing Decisions (Chemistry, MedChem, Chemical Biology)
  • Consulting in the area of drug design, chemical process optimization, chemical synthesis and lab safety

For any service offer or project collaborations please contact the TTZ leader Prof. Dr. Philipp Klahn.




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