Preperative HPLC: Dionex Ultimate 3000 Thermo Fisher

Analytical LCMS: Agilent 1100 API 150


Peptide Synthesizer: Syro 2, MultiSynTech

5 Rotary Evaporator: Heidolph/Vacuumbrand PC 3001 vario pro/ Cryostate

8 Fumehoods equipped with 5-fold vacuum manifolds, Edwards 8 pumps and IKA RCT magnetic stirrer

4 Balances,  1 Melting point instrument, 1 pH-Meter, 2 Ultrasonic bath, Microliter pipettes, Hamilton srynges, 1 Kugelrohr destillation instrument, 1 Vaccum drying chamber, etc..



Equibment accessable in the institute: S1 Saftey Lab, NMR spectrometer (2x 600, 1x 400, 300 MHz), MS Service Unit (ESI, EI, LRMS and HRMS), TLC-MS instrument, UV-Vis photometer, ATR-IR spectrometer, Fluorescence spectrometer, freeze dryer/lyophilizator, 

Over 1200 registered chemicals in the group, further available in the institute

Work place and seminar room